Tapper: NYT Undercutting Fitz

ABC’s Jack Tapper finds an interesting aside to the MoDo/Miller/Libby saga–how the NYT is actually undermining a potential Patrick Fitzgerald indictment even before it happens:

[Maureen Dowd] also all-but calls [Judy Miller] a liar, saying it’s not “credible that Judy wouldn’t remember a Marvel comics name like ‘Valerie Flame.’ Nor does it seem credible that she doesn’t know how the name got into her notebook and that, as she wrote, she ‘did not believe the name came from Mr. Libby.'” She details Miller’s myriad other credibilty issues as well…. In other words? The NYT is gift-wrapping Judy Miller as an unbelievable unreliable witness — along with her self-outed nay-saying colleagues Taubman, Keller, Dowd and Abramson.

The case against Scooter relies upon Judy’s credibility — which the PAPER OF RECORD is undercutting and shredding.

The New York Times BMOC club will amply supply defense exhibits A through Z for Mr. Libby, should he ever need them.

Happy Hannukah, Scooter!