Tapjoy partners with Kontagent to offer app analytics to developers and advertisers

Tapjoy announced today a partnership with Kontagent which sees the two companies coming together to release the app analytics platform, the Kontagent Partner Edition, for all developers and advertisers working with Tapjoy.

Kontagent, a mobile app analytics company known for its kSuite platform, offers its Partner Edition product that delivers near real-time data on app usage to Tapjoy’s customers. Developers and advertisers can use the data from the service with the hopes to increase engagement, monetization and more.

Tapjoy has recently been in the news this month when it launched its new ad unit product dubbed Reconnect, which allows developers to reach out to consumers directly through Tapjoy’s offerwall. Tapjoy is also in hot water with Apple for its incentivized app install program that uses HTML pages opened in a browser to push offers.

Existing customers for Kontagent will continue to have access to its kSuite service and publishers and advertisers who work with Tapjoy can also upgrade from the Partner Edition to kSuite for additional benefits like on-call data specialists and customizable dashboards.