Tapjoy: Mobile shopping habits expected to grow this holiday season

Image via Tapjoy

Mobile ad network Tapjoy has released an infographic detailing the way smartphone users utilize their mobile phones during the holiday shopping season. Its survey found that 35 percent of respondents will use their devices to research products before a purchase, and that 29 percent will ultimately make holiday shopping purchases online this year.

The survey found that 27 percent of respondents will ‘showroom,’ or use their mobile phone to shop for items while actually in another physical store. In addition, 25 percent of respondents said they will use a shopping or retail app to help them complete their holiday shopping, and 30 percent will use their mobile phones to access email offers or mobile coupons when searching for that perfect gift.

As mobile shopping habits continue to expand, advertisers are encouraged to use mobile advertising as an avenue for pulling in potential sales. According to Tapjoy’s survey, 40 percent of respondents would request more information about a sale, store or individual item after seeing an ad or video on their mobile device.

Ad-tech company Videology recently released its own infographic detailing holiday shopping habits, finding that at least 71 percent of its respondents will purchase at least one holiday gift online this year.

The full Tapjoy infographic can be found below.

Image via Tapjoy