Tapjoy launches nGen Platform for targeted, timely mobile ads


Mobile ad-tech and monetization company Tapjoy has announced the launch of its nGen Platform, aimed at helping app publishers monetize their users more effectively. This is done through a variety of ad or engagement experiences, which utilize Tapjoy’s user targeting tools to deliver the right kind of ad to the right user, and at the right time.

The nGen Platform runs on an “intelligent, events-based framework,” which allows served advertisements to be closely integrated to the user’s app experience. The platform supports video, rich media or full-screen interstitial ads, as well as Tapjoy’s Marketplace. In addition, the platform can be used to send a message to users, if the developer / publisher feels it isn’t the right time for an ad.

During beta testing, the nGen Platform helped boost ad conversions, including increased “average revenue per daily user” of up to 130 percent.

These ads can be targeted to specific events in apps, like when users run out of in-app currency, after a level has been completed, or when a user starts to browse premium content. As an example, when a user attempts to access something only available via an in-app purchase, the nGen Platform could present the user with an option to earn the content for free by watching a video ad.

Elsewhere, these ads can be used to promote new content offerings within apps, in-store sales and more.

“Our mission is to drive significant value for our publishing partners, and the launch of the nGen Platform signifies a transformative moment for Tapjoy,” said Steve Wadsworth, President and CEO of Tapjoy. “By combining an intelligent events-based framework, powerful targeting capabilities and our suite of ad products, the nGen Platform makes in-app advertising a much more valuable tool for publishers who want to monetize more effectively and drive deeper app engagement.”

The nGem Platform is available through Tapjoy’s SDK version 10.0, which is available now. More information is available on the company’s website.