Tap Campus Life, Walking Dead, ForeFlight Mobile and more on this week’s top grossing apps charts

Once again, games dominated the top grossing apps lists for iPhone, iPad and Android, with 63 of the 75 apps being game apps. Developer Pocket Gems’ Tap Campus Life made a return in our weekly top grossing iPhone apps list at the No. 22 spot. Walking Dead: The Game, developed by Telltale, which ranked in our top paid iPhone and iPad apps lists earlier this week, also made the final spot in the top 25 grossing apps list for iPhone. ForeFlight Mobile, flight companion app for pilots ranked No. 24 after hovering in the 30s before finally cracking the top 25. Funzio developed Moden War just squeaked into this week’s list at the No. 25 spot.

The top grossing Android apps list remained very much the same since last week. The only newcomer is Miniclip’s Plague Inc. at the No. 25 spot.

This week’s top grossing iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.The Simpsons: Tapped Out1=Yes
2.Clash of Clans2=Yes
3.Pandora Radio3▲1Yes
4.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North4▼1Yes
6.Rage of Bahamut6▲1Yes
7.Poker by Zynga7▲2Yes
8.Legend of the Cryptids8▼3Yes
9.Bejeweled Blitz9▲1Yes
11.CSR Racing11=Yes
12.Big Fish Casino12=Yes
13.Minecraft – Pocket Edition13=No
14.Bingo Bash14=Yes
15.Hay Day15=Yes
16.Bad Piggies16=Yes
19.Tap Paradise Cove19▼1Yes
20.Castle Age HD20▲1Yes
22.Tap Campus Life22▲12Yes
23.GSN Casino23=Yes
24.Bubble Mania24▼4Yes
25.xWalking Dead: The Game25▼6Yes


This week’s top grossing iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Clash of Clans1=Yes
3.The Simpsons: Tapped Out3=Yes
4.Bingo Bash HD4▼2Yes
5.Hay Day5▲1Yes
6.Slotomania HD6▲3Yes
7.NYTimes for iPad7▲1Yes
8.Big Fish Casino8▼3Yes
10.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North10▼3Yes
13.Marvel Comics13▲18Yes
14.Bejeweled Blitz14▼2Yes
15.GSN Casino15▼4Yes
16.Poker by Zynga16=Yes
17.Quickoffice Pro HD17▼2No
18.DoubleDown Casino18▼1Yes
19.CSR Racing19▼1Yes
20.Bad Piggies HD20=Yes
21.DC Comics21▲46Yes
24.ForeFlight Mobile24▲3Yes
25.xModern War25▲4Yes


This week’s top grossing Android apps

1.Rage of Bahamut1=
2.Dark Summoner2=
4.Blood Brothers4=
5.Slot City5=
6.Zynga Poker6=
7.Live Holdem Poker Pro7=
8.Smurfs’ Village8=
9.Tiny Monsters9▲1
10.Dragon Story10▼1
11.Big Win Football11=
12.Arcane Empires12=
13.GSN Casino13▲1
14.Zombie Frontier14▲1
15.Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale15▲1
16.Crime City16▲3
17.Deity Wars17=
18.Texas Poker18▼5
19.Minecraft – Pocket Edition19▼1
20.Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle20=
21.Tiny Village21=
22.Modern War22=
23.DoubleDown Casino23▲2
24.Bike Race Free24▼1
25.xPlague Inc.25▲2


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.