Tango to be First Video Calling App for Windows Phone. But, Not on the New Nokia Lumia Phones

Tango for Android, iOS & tablets.
Tango for Android, iOS & tablets.

Frank McPherson summarized the Windows Phone based Nokia smartphones that will be available in some parts of the world (but not the U.S.) soon yesterday. While you might think that Microsoft would try to build mobile momentun for Windows Phone by releasing a Skype app for the platform (Microsoft now owns Skype), this is not the case. The first video calling service for Windows Phone will be from Tango (not to be confused by Microsoft’s code name “Tango” for what may be a lower cost phone platform). Tango by TangoMe, Inc., already provides free video calling apps for iPhone, Android and desktops running Microsoft Windows. Like Skype, the computer-to-computer communications services are free.

Tango To Be Windows Phone/Mango’s First Videocalling Service, Leapfrogging Skype (Forbes)

Despite owning Skype and its own current Live Messenger video calling features, Microsoft worked with TangoMe to get Tango for Windows Phone “Mango” (7.5) ready for release. Ironically, people who buy the Windows Phone “Mango” powerd Nokia Lumia smartphones will not be able to take advantage of Tango’s video calling features because Nokia did not install front facing cameras in their upcoming next generation smartphones. Those who own one of the Windows Phone first-generation models released in late 2010 will not be able to make video calls either because none of those phones have front-facing cameras.