Talkwit.TV: A Social Guide to Television

Talkwit.TV, which describes itself as “the first real-time, crowd-sourced TV guide that ranks shows as they air based on their social popularity,” launched in beta, and the site filters, ranks, and displays millions of comments about multiplatform live TV, as well as providing data on social engagement to broadcast and cable networks.

The company also said it completed a successful test with HBO, signed a content partnership with Tribune Media, and launched an iPhone app.

The company was founded by CEO Sean Casey, who had been an interactive producer with MTV Networks, iVillage, and Comcast.

From the About Talkwit.TV page:

TV is a big part of our lives and the conversations we have in the real world and online. We watch and enjoy sports, comedies, talk shows, news, dramas, thrillers, movies, live events, and more. At Talkwit.TV, we believe that surfacing and enabling these conversations for every show on TV will make TV even more fun, funny, informative, and social. We think you’ll agree, and will never want to experience TV without us (and your friends).

Let’s face it, your cable guide isn’t very smart. Our Social Guide is. We provide you with a ranking of the shows on your TV right now, based on what people are talking about and what your friends are watching. No more mindless scrolling … now you can find what you should be watching instantly.

At Talkwit.TV, every show is always social. Our live, show-specific streams let you see what other fans are saying about your favorite reality show or sporting event, or what others interested in the same news show are thinking.

You can also invite friends to watch the big game and chat with them privately — no more clogging up everyone’s Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline!