Talking the Talk at Fashion Week


If you’re in New York and you’re wandering around this week, noticing that there are far more models and flamboyant designers trolling the streets, you might be happy to learn the reason: it’s because it’s Fashion Week. But, if you’re like this writer and your sense of fashion includes a semi-clean hoodie and jeans, you probably won’t know the first thing to talk about with any of these strange creatures inhabiting your street. That’s why we’re appreciating Josh Patner‘s “How to Fake Your Way Through Fashion Week.” Even if you’re not sure what the words are that are forming in your mouth, you’ll be getting invites to the best parties, getting phone numbers from attractive people, and hey, maybe you’ll even wind up becoming an international icon yourself, simply by babbling your way to success. Here’s some from the first pointer:

1) Don’t call it a “catwalk.”

If a look is particularly stunning, the editors will pronounce it to be genius. (Genius is still the new brilliant, while vanguard is this year’s edgy.) The stylists will have their edit done at the end of every show. (An edit is a list of favorites to be called in for meetings about upcoming sittings, or photo shoots.) But the buyers won’t lay down paper (retail jargon for “place an order”) until they’ve reviewed the collections at writing appointments.