Talking Out The Trash, 2.21.06

Leftovers from the Presidents’ Day Weekend:

  • William Powers explains what journalists can learn from the Winter Olympics (besides, don’t ever wear spandex).

  • In honor of David Gregory, John Tierney gives us “David’s Law.”

  • Mary Matalin gets all sweet and polite on Meet the Press. Samples: “Well, Maureen Dowd, the diva of the smart set would be swooning”; “Because you went on a jihad, David. For four days you went on a Jihad.”

  • Wonkette’s got some design suggestions for Roll Call.

  • Damn you, journalists. It’s all your fault. Retired Senator Alan Simpson lays down the “three c’s” of journalism, in response to the media coverage of Quailgate: “I have a lot of pals on both sides of the aisle. I worked with President Clinton, enjoyed him, President Bush, President Carter, good people doing good things. But let me tell you, you’ll never find it if you just follow the Washington media. You’ll never know the good — all you’ll get is controversy, crap, and confusion.”

  • wins four Digital Edge Awards.

  • And your daily pearl of wisdom from Jack Cafferty, courtesy of Hotline: “You know, pictures and sound were not meant to fly through the air, Wolf. This is all magic and we’re toying with the fates.”