Talking Milton with Milton Glaser


Who doesn’t love them some Uncle Milty? Art Info just landed this great two part interview with Milton Glaser, the biggest of the big in this design world of ours. And it’s a blast, skipping most of those “So how did you get your start?” kinds of questions, assuming that its readers probably already know the Glaser legacy, and getting into specific projects he’s worked on, how he chooses who to work with (“I only work with people I like. It’s like having dinner. I couldn’t have dinner with someone I didn’t like.”) and even if he’s inspired an animated doppelganger:

There’s a rumor going around that the food critic in Pixar’s animated movie Ratatouille is based on you. What do you think of that?

I love it. I love it. Someone mentioned this to me so we took out the film. And I had to admit, there’s a physical resemblance. And maybe something about the manner of speech? Who knows, perhaps an ex-student of mine went to work as an animator at Pixar? It’s also funny because in my early life I was a food critic at New York magazine — the Underground Gourmet.

You might remember that we talked a little bit about this Pixar connection back in January.