Talk Trash To Motivate Facebook Friends With Dynamo Labs’ Challenge App

Dynamo Labs recently launched its Challenge web site with the aim to encourage positive change in people’s lives. It allows users to issue and take part in any sort of challenge they choose, and it uses Facebook Connect so people can tell friends what they’re up to — and prompt a little friendly trash talking.

Setting up a Challenge is easy — just enter a name and description for your Challenge into the designated fields, then select what you want to track and how you want to track it. You can even select from a few clip art trophies to be awarded to the winner, or name an actual prize. Once the Challenge is set up, you can invite anyone from your Facebook network to participate. Those who join will be able to “throw” virtual items at each other, accompanied by messages that can be as encouraging or antagonizing as you like.

Developers of the application want to tap into the power of peer pressure, and help set it apart from some similar applications already on Facebook.

One of the bigger uses of the Challenge app to date is a partnership with the author of “One Man’s Blog” for the John P GetHealthy Challenge. This particular Challenge is set up to help participants live a healthier life through diet and exercise tips. Users are encouraged to post motivational messages as well as their progress to Twitter accounts and on Facebook through the Connect integration.

Challenge is one of the first offerings out of Dallas-based startup Dynamo Labs, which was the among the first to recieve grant money through the fbFund.