“Talk to my lawyer” meets “Talk to the hand”

News that global court action against song pirates has not at all reduced illegal music downloading reminds us of the opening scene from “Ghostbusters.” shelf.jpeg.jpg

“‘Get her!?’ That was your whole plan?”

asks an incredulous Dr. Peter Venkman after his fellow paranormal schnooks attempt to apprehend what looks like a sweet, little old lady of a ghost — only to watch her morph into a terrfying wraith with a gaping maw.

Yes, that’s the plan alright, at least within the music business: Despite opening 20,000 legal cases in 17 countries, the number of illegal downloads has remained the same for the last two years. What’s more, International Federation of the Phonographic Industries chairman John Kennedy says that “…frankly it’s an argument for increasing the scale of court cases because at the moment, people still don’t think it’s going to be them.”

Sounds like a winning plan, John. In the words of the Jerky Boys: Sue everybody!