Talk About A Niche Social Network: Cookie Lovers

Working for an ad company can be extremely entertaining. Just imagine the people who were sitting in a room together and came up with the idea to connect women through cookies in order to improve their social lives. Honestly, making a site more social in order to share a branded experience with your friends is not a bad idea. As the New York Times has pointed out, brands are hopping on the social bandwagon.

Pantene’s hair care line, Campbells, Dove, Jockey and other large companies are all creating niche social networks to increase brand awareness and help people communicate in a branded environment. Honestly, there is nothing better then this for a brand. Uber networkers will tell you that hosting a large event where you help others connect will do wonders for your personal brand. The same goes for virtual events and networks. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg how big his personal brand has become.

Are we going to get tired of creative brand experiences? Not anytime soon! Are you going to show up to an event offering free food or drinks brought to you by a given brand? Probably. You will definitely show up if the event helps you connect with others that you have shared interests with. The same thing goes for social networks. If brands can target people with similar interests they will join a branded social network any day.

I honestly think all of this is a great thing: friendly brands that help me connect with other people. Brands are finally becoming more social.

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