Talent Trends For Twenty-Ten

flickr: tiffa130

What’s happening in the recruiting world in the coming year? Dr. John Sullivan predicts ten things:

  1. Continued churn of labor (simultaneous hiring/layoffs)
  2. Increased use of contingent labor types
  3. Increasing demand for proving a business impact in $
  4. A return of the War for Talent
  5. Increased growth of direct sourcing initiatives
  6. Relentless demand for continued innovation
  7. Increased visibility of brand-damaging viral messaging by current/former employees
  8. Accelerated obsolescence of recruiting tools/approaches
  9. Accelerated obsolescence of apathetic talent
  10. Increased importance of formal retention efforts

Churn is the maybe the most important trend for jobseekers to be aware of: low churn is what’s contributed to the unemployed staying unemployed while the employed hop from career to career (or at the very least, hunker down and continue to get that paycheck). Sullivan suggests that employers ramp up their training efforts (to help recently unemployed people start making a difference as soon as they start their new job) and focus on making sure their temps, contractors, and freelancers are being used properly. This sounds like it could be a big opportunity for entrepreneurs, so keep an eye out for your target companies opening their doors to contractors.