Taking the Glass House Tour Before You’re Actually Allowed To


This was the big press/trial run weekend at the opening-to-the-public-next-week Glass House tour and Stephanie Reitz of the AP was there and has full coverage on the whole deal. You can probably skip the first portion of the article, as it’s all background on Philip Johnson and David Whitney and given how much has been written lately about opening up the Glass House, you probably know it already. But once you get past that, Reitz treats you to a great step by step walkthrough of everything you’ll see. And maybe even more importantly, she lays down what’s going on with the stuff you’re seeing, since, of course, Johnson was a pretty smart, creative fella. Here’s some:

Johnson, a master of “the reveal” long before television makeover shows embraced the concept, lined his property’s main walkway with white pines to obscure the view ahead. With a few steps around a curve, the full effect of “the reveal” strikes visitors with their first look at the Glass House.

Approached at an intentional angle, the rectangular home sits surrounded by a natural vista of hills and greenery – a view that Johnson affectionately called his “very expensive wallpaper.”