Taking the Design Department Across the Ponds

PSFK has an interesting series of pieces about the movement of design departments for major corporations overseas, searching for cheaper labor costs. First they look at companies in the UK moving over in droves to try out China and then to a press release about Nokia moving a section over to Bangalore. It’s a nice couple of short reads and certainly something nearly everyone involved in working with huge companies will be keeping an eye on. Here’s some:

These moves are interesting because there’s a common perception that the way the future of industry will be played out is that the developed world will come up with all the ideas using their creative industries while the developing world will make the stuff gets dreams up. But that might not happen. Both pieces of news reflect creative evolutions in areas that can draw upon a lot of rich cultural references that don’t appear in the West. What happens when places like Southern Asia can dream and create things better than the US?

As an added bonus, Zach Klein also has this quick related bit up about blogger Nick Gray‘s moving to India to get a jump on curve.