Taking Out the Trash

It’s a snowy but beautiful Friday here, and the Fishbowl D.C. world headquarters is quickly devolving into Tetris, World of Warcraft, and blasting music. We also can’t really decide what of the numerous items today we never got around to writing about to post, so we’re going to pull a typical Washington maneuver and dump it all on you.

It’s a proud tradition in Washington to dump a lot of news right at the end of the day Friday, given that Saturday papers are poorly read and reporters want to get to their weekend just like anyone else.

Here are some posts we never got to today:

  • Joel Achenbach’s Achenblog has been really excellent this week. If you’re not reading it, you should–not because it has any great insights into media, but because he has a great voice and comes across as such a real person.
  • The Washington Post’s Q4 earnings came out today, and it’s doing pretty well–21 percent better than a year before on “growth in all divisions.”
  • The always wise and thoughtful Jay Rosen has a great post updating the latest debates over Jeff Gannon and “who’s a journalist.”
  • The new March issue of Washingtonian offers a list of speaking fees (scroll down) for a host of big wigs–including Andrea Mitchell, who gets between $5K and $10K a speech, while Charlie Cook and Mort Kondracke command up to $20,000. Meanwhile William Safire gets $20K to $40K. Also interesting? Bob Woodward and David Broder won’t disclose how much they get. (Sidenote: Don’t miss the little write-up Fishbowl gets in the same section.)
  • Newsweek’s Marcus Mabry has been signed by Rodale to write a book on Condi Rice (she of the boots). The book, titled “Twice as Good: The Souls of Condoleezza Rice,” is expected in sometime in 2008–just in time for a presidential race.

Have a great weekend!