Taking Out The Trash, 5.19.06

Bupkis-free edition:

  • See Dana Milbank say “I am of course terrified of the Ombudswoman. She is my own Patrick Fitzgerald” and “I was about to use a Mikulski joke involving Visible Panty Lines — but forget it now”

  • New York Times reporter Sharon LaFraniere wins the Michael Kelly Award. (The Wonkettes write-up the awards ceremony)

  • “We have a rule, if I don’t agree with Chris, the subject changes” — Kathleen Matthews playing hardball (Capitol File via Last Call)

  • “CNN Worldwide Brings In More Than Twice As Much Revenue As Fox News” (TVNewser)

  • Ana Marie Cox describes an oh-so-familiar scene:

      As soon as the lights went up, dozens of Washington’s media elite (bureau chiefs, New York Times columnists, magazine editors) began to nonchalantly position themselves for an audience with Gore, forming an consciously indifferent crowd that engaged in minimalist small talk while waiting for the moment to edge in.

  • And you gotta love this: A story about “The O.C.” written by Sandy Cohen–also the name of a character on the show.