Taking Out The Trash, 5.18.06

Today’s Grab Bag:

  • Some insight and thoughts into the quality of Leslie Cauley’s story on NSA eavesdropping for USA Today.

  • Join Jay Rosen for a washingtonpost.com chat.

  • Hotline’s “Last Call” has some fun with Howard Mortman’s assessment of Tony Snow:

      “Tony Snow is great TV and he’s a great story. He’s also a master and clever debater” — Extreme Mortman, calling Snow a master debater.

  • Does Tom Friedman have flexible deadlines for success in Iraq?

  • Slate’s David Plotz tells us that Dana Milbank’s “Washington Week in Preview” (a feature that we thought was excellent and very useful…see the last one here) has been cancelled and they’re working with Milbank on another regular feature, which may see the light in a few weeks.

  • The Washington Times Steve Dinan files today’s presidential pool report from Air Force One.

      The flight itself was uneventful, we watched King Kong while the Secret Service agents had the Hayden hearings on Fox News Channel.

    So the reporters watched apes climb skyscrapers while security agents followed the news? What’s wrong with this picture?

    Further, they’re downright giddy about it. From today’s gaggle:

      Q Do you guys expect an easier ride for Hayden today?

      MR. SNOW: I don’t know. He’s getting some brisk questioning — I’m sure you’ve watched some of it on the TV.

      Q No, “King Kong.” (Laughter.)

      MR. SNOW: Oh, no. Well, we’ve been watching it on CNN; it’s doing okay.

  • Vaughn Ververs at CBS PublicEye takes seriously PressThinker Jay Rosen‘s semi-serious suggestion that the White House offer all-day press briefings. Then again, maybe Rosen is being sincere? We’ll have to ask Tony Snow what he thinks, at the next “Blogger’s Briefing.”