Taking Out The Trash, 3.01.06

So it turns out that this illustrious little post-Fat Tuesday left-overs edition of “Taking Out The Trash” is FishbowlDC’s 2000th post since its inception in January 2005. Happy milestone to us.

Without further ado, your White House-patented trash dump:

  • Scooter Libbyhas hired a renowned memory-loss expert to assist him with his legal defense.'”

  • WHUR cancels “Real DC”

  • A conflict of interest for Tucker Carlson? Arianna Huffington discusses the fact that “his father, Richard Carlson, is on the advisory committee of the Libby Legal Defense Trust, the GOP-heavy-hitter-laden group that has so far raised $2 million.”

  • Metaphor Alert for the Associated Press’ Jeannine Aversa: “The economy, sagging under the strain of lofty energy prices, grew at an annual rate of 1.6 percent in the final quarter of last year — a mediocre performance that nonetheless turned out to be slightly better than first thought…The fourth quarter’s slowdown was blamed on the lingering fallout of the Gulf Coast hurricanes and elevated energy prices, which caused consumers especially to tighten their belts. Analysts said the final quarter’s performance was more like the economy hitting a pot hole on the road of expansion, rather than a sign of a more serious derailment.” (Via OpinionJournal)

  • Ben Bradlee serves as Isabella Cannon Distinguished Visiting Professor at Elon University.

  • And to steal a line from Stephen Colbert, a tip of the hat to both Howard Fineman and Jake Tapper for admitting to reading FishbowlDC as part of their daily blogging diet, and a wag of the finger to Walter Shapiro and John Harwood for forgetting their FishbowlDC addiction. So we’re 2-for-2, in Fineman’s “Blogs the Famous Media Read.” In baseball, that’s a record-breaking percentage. But to the rest of you: Don’t forget yo’ daddy. You know you love it.