Taking Out The Trash, 12.14.06

  • Capitol Leader is the favorite, but who thought it would be this close?

  • Washington Post Karen DeYoung is at Politics and Prose tonight at 7 p.m. for her new book, Soldier, a biography of Colin Powell.

  • FishbowlDC readers weighed in on the name change yesterday:

      — “Not only does the new name suck, but the phone numbers on ‘The Politico’s’ Web site are never answered. The voicemail for some random staffer that answers the number listed on the site still says ‘Capitol Leader.’ And furthermore, messages left for her are not returned.”
      — “I like The Politico. It’s strong to the hoop.”
      — “Strong to Quite Strong!!! Oh yeah isn’t Apolcalypto the number one movie in the country right now?”
      — “Politico is the stupidest name I have ever heard.”

    — And, of course, Wonkette’s not such a fan.

  • Yesterday we learned all about David Mark. Today, Andy Glass is up, senior editor at The Politico.