Taking Out The Trash, 12.08.06

  • See now you are just trying to make us jealous.

  • An NBC release announced that “The Chris Matthews Show” is the number two rated Sunday morning public affairs show for the 2006 November sweep. The show beat ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation” and “FOX News Sunday” in total viewers, homes and adults 25-54, averaging 2.676 million viewers. The number one “Meet the Press” averaged 3.978 million viewers.

  • A reader comments about HotSoup’s traffic: “Look them up on Alexa.com’s traffic tracker — other than a spike and then trailing off after it opened and a spike and then trailing off after the election, their trend is down. It is something to get into the top 100,000 on your launch, but it was the people involved that got them that – gushers of publicity that any web site would kill for. Those spikes of traffic didn’t come because of anything special about the site. They need to get their trend moving in the right direction. Otherwise, when their money is gone, so is their site.” Ouch.

  • To: “I was the point-person at one of the partnering organizations” … send us an email to fishbowlDC AT mediabistro DOT com. Anonymity guaranteed.

  • One reader writes in with some thoughts about “The Week”:

      I’d be curious to know whether other writers react as negatively as I do to your readers’ notion that The Week should be “the most credible because “After all, “The Week” produces very little original content and largely just aggregates others’ content.” There’s actually a huge risk to factuality there. The outsourcing of underlying editorial functions is the most obvious one. But there’s also the risk of misrepresentation. My eyes were first opened to this when The Week utterly mangled a piece I wrote a few months ago by summarizing it in a way that was not quite but very nearly the opposite of what I intended. I’m grateful for the coverage; I never lodged a complaint, and so I can be accused of letting the publicity take precedence over this current argument. But the problem, at least to this author, was pretty obvious.

      It would be great to see an anonymous poll asking: “How many writers referenced in the ‘The Week'” think that the publication has mangled their argument on at least one occasion?

  • What one reader calls “the best separated at birth ever.”

  • Anyone else see the Reliable Sources mention on the Colbert Report last Wednesday night? Nice job girls.