Taking Out The Trash, 12.01.06

  • Hmmm… did anyone expect blondes to come in last? Don’t mess with brunettes.

  • Brit Hume will conduct a one-on-one, sit down interview with President Bush on The Special Report, Monday, December 4th at 6:00PM/ET.

  • An NBC release states that “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” was the top rated Sunday morning public affairs show, “winning on
    Sunday, November 26 in all categories.” “Meet” topped CBS by 50%, ABC by 51% and Fox by 226%.

  • NBC also announced that “The Chris Matthews Show” was the number two rated Sunday show for the week ending November 26, 2006, topping CBS’s “Face the Nation,” ABC’s “This Week” and “FOX News Sunday” in households nationally. Season-to-date, “The Chris Matthews Show” is also number-two on Sundays averaging a 2.0 HH rating.

  • Vandeharriswatch.com is still available.

  • An interview with new Huff Post’er Melinda Henneberger.

  • Huffington Post’s Eat The Press is welcoming two new contributing editors to the mix — Melissa Lafsky and Nick Douglas. Rachel Sklar notes that this “beef-up … has been in the works for a while” and it is coincidence that it being announced as the HuffPo introduces original reporting.

  • Check out the shiny new redesign at DCist.com

  • Chicago Reader’s Michael Miner questions Jonah Goldberg’s take on “diversity,” stating that “Goldberg is another Tribune columnist who could use a summer camp in the real world.” (Hat tip to Romenesko)

  • So it seems Michael Petrelis may have been a bit too hasty calling out the Washington Post for not revealing that Thomas Ricks was among those consulted by the Iraq Study Group. Ricks himself notes, “Actually, my appearance before the Iraq Study Group was disclosed in the Washington Post in a tagline at the end of a story on Nov. 12… So maybe you could fix your headline to more accurately state that: WPost Fails to Repeat Its Note That Reporter Met w/Iraq Study Group.”