Taking Out The Trash, 11.20.06

  • As it turns out, it’s kind of a big deal.

  • A tipster says that Jim VandeHei was seen in The Capitol Leader’s offices at 3pm today.

  • C-SPAN is airing in its entirety, the memorial service for Ed Bradley tomorrow live, from 10:30 to about 1 p.m. ET on C-SPAN2.

  • Lou Dobbs loves Lou Dobbs, but not necessarily Wolf Blitzer. We side with Wolf, sorry Lou.

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  • A reader writes reminds us that the Roll Call news “is actually a big deal. Roll Call has not been shown by Erdos & Morgan’s independent survey to be read more often than WaPo by more congressional opinion leaders in well over a decade.” This “sets the bar very high for anyone attempting to compete in Roll Call’s backyard.”

  • Deborah Howell assures readers that despite cut backs, a “slump” in circulation and the advance of the internet, the “Post is not in that kind of trouble” that met Knight-Ridder before its sale.

  • Another reader asks, “Why does it matter if washingtonpost.com is after Cillizza‘s byline? Are you suggesting somehow that a washingtonpost.com creditline is somehow less important than a Washington Post creditline. That’s ridiculous.” What do others think?

  • Gotta love the irony of free speech biting the FCC in the ass (can we say ass?). Meanwhile the FCC will not rest until CBS is punished for Janet Jackson’s nipple.

  • A warning to radio guests everywhere: Beware heavy breathing. It makes you sound creepy.

  • Will the blue wave in Washington mean bad news for Fox? Washington Whispers reports that FNC seems unconcerned.