Taking Out The Trash 11.10.05

Today’s leftovers:

  • Guess what the biggest story this week was? Plame-gate? Nah. Ethics classes? Nope. VA/NJ Gubenatorial Elections? Think again. Iraq? Sorry. Try cheerleaders. I take a look at why, here.

  • See Judy Miller at the National Press Club tomorrow.

  • Go to Politics and Prose tomorrow evening at 7, to hear Slate’s Tim Noah,Sally Bedell Smith and Beth Frerking discuss “The Woman at the Washington Zoo,” the phenomenal new collection of essays from the late–and phenomenal–Marjorie Williams (wife of Noah), who passed away in January. Noah, her husband, edited the book.

  • White House War on Transcripts, Continued

  • Somebody stop them before they interview Maureen Dowd again.

  • MoDo’s “cheap shots.” (free membership required)

  • “Yo, so how’d you do that?” Newspapers with Circ Increases Share Strategy