Taking out the Trash, 11.07.05

  • “Indecent Proposal”: Is someone propositioning the White House Press Pool? (via HotlineBlog)
  • Proposed actresses to play Maureen Dowd and Judy Miller in the made-for-TV movie
  • Tim Russert, Matt Cooper and Judy Mille to figure prominently at Scooter Libby’s trial.
  • Jay Rosen wonders: “Why Oh Why Did the Society of Professional Journalists Give Judith Miller a First Amendment Award?”
  • Judy: Will it be the Return of the Sith? Or will the Gray Lady, er, Empire Strike Back? FishbowlNY reminds us that no one knows whether she’s returning to the Times or not…
  • Novak: Out. (TVNewser)
  • Howard Kurtz: Not a baller:

      So why did you go into the news business and what is your first response to criticism…do you presume idealogical motives on the part of the critic?

      Howard Kurtz: My jump shot wasn’t good enough to get me into the NBA and I had no other discernible talents.

  • The Boston Globe’s Eileen McNamara throws her hat in the Maureen Dowd ring. (And Wonkgirl is polling for opinions on why MoDo “gets plenty.”
  • NBC’s West Wing Logo-gate (via CBS’s Public Eye).
  • Reporter bias revealed! From Reliable Sources (via Dan Froomkin’s White House Briefing)

      KURTZ: Jill Zuckman, reporters are just dying to make this about Cheney, aren’t they?

      ZUCKMAN: Well, I mean, you know, that this. . . .

      KURTZ: You could admit it.

      ZUCKMAN: Yes, yes, yes, yes. I mean, people are dying to see how far up it goes. And then a lot of people are wondering, well, why would someone just go off and do these some of these things on their own? I mean, didn’t — isn’t there somebody at the top telling them what to do?