Taking Out The Trash, 11.03.06

  • If you’re MoDo, Jon Stewart is more necessary than Stephen Colbert.

  • Readers seem keen to keep Brokeback Mountain and Da Vinci Code in our FishbowlDC Interviews. A sampling:

      Brokeback is funny, just because it is, and Da Vinci carries with it all of this pop culture baggage, which makes it funny, too.


      Too busy to see Borat until after election day. Keep DaVinci and Brokeback until Dec. 1.

    What do the rest of you think?

  • TVNewser reports that MSNBC is closing the gap with CNN. “For the first three days of this week, MSNBC has been nipping at CNN’s heels, with just 20,000 demo viewers separating the two nets in primetime. FNC is still in a different stratosphere.”

  • MSNBC primetime VP Bill Wolff has announced Chris Licht was named Executive Producer of “Scarborough Country.”

  • CNN announced today that CNN’s Pipeline will include real-time results throughout Election Night as well as analysis from top political experts, speeches from around the nation and commentary from top bloggers attending the “CNN E-lection Nite Blog Party” at Tryst, hosted by Jacki Schechner and Abbi Tatton. Glen Beck will also appear on Pipeline throughout the day.

  • MSNBC is finally welcoming some familiar NBC faces to their airwaves. Brian Williams discusses.

  • CNBC is ready for Fox to bring it on (via TVNewser).

  • The Washington Business Journal says that the Washington Post Co. has “Fewer readers, more student test-takers.”

  • According to the release, Fox News Talk special election coverage begins at 9PM ET with an extended edition of The John Gibson Show, followed by an extended edition of The Alan Colmes Show at 10PM ET. Special post-election coverage begins at 5AM ET on November 8 with Steve Malzberg and Democrat strategist Kirsten Powers (via TVNewser).

  • And, Washington, say hello to your potential new mayor, Mr. Fenty.