Taking Out The Trash, 10.27.06

  • Was there any ever any doubt?

  • Don’t forget — this is Halloween weekend (despite the fact that it’s not actually Halloween). Send us pictures of dolled up journos. You know you’ll see them. Have your camera ready. Oh, and set your clocks back this weekend, too.

  • B&C reports that the FCC denied a request from CA gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides for airtime on 11 California TV stations. “The campaign had asserted that an appearance by Republican incumbent Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on NBC’s Tonight Show did not qualify for the bona fide news exemption from FCC rules. The FCC said it did not have to find that all of the Tonight show qualified for the exemption to find that the Schwarzenegger interview did.”

  • An update from yesterday’s “Meet The Press” ratings win: Does this mean Senator Barack Obama (“Meet”‘s guest) is more appealing than President Bush and John Kerry who appeared on ABC’s “This Week.” Who can beat Obama in the ratings?

  • CNBC announced that their Halloween programming will include a day of special reports on Tuesday. TVNewser reports that “Decision ’06: From Wall Street to Main Street” will “examine key economic and financial issues that are playing a role in the way Americans will cast their votes.”

  • Is Max Blumenthal psychic? Spooky.

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  • The Note writes, “If Republicans hold the House, Howie Kurtz is going to have a field day with his Thursday, November 9 story on the Charlie Cooks, Stu Rothenbergs, Larry Sabatos, and other a-wave-is-coming prognosticators.”

  • New York Times Book Review fell prey to some … umm… “awkward juxtaposition” in this weekend’s copy. Can’t wait? Galley Cat has the details.

  • Public Eye examines the economic class system behind unpaid internships, specifically at CBS, and asks what poor college students have been wondering for year — “is it fair?”

  • The Washington Post reports that the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence “proposed a sweeping inquiry into the possible leak of a classified National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq by a staff member, including an audit of staff telephone records and e-mail to identify unauthorized contacts with news media or messages related to the leaked document.”