Taking Out The Trash, 10.23.06

  • It’s nice to see you are dealing well with the close of baseball season.

  • Tim Russert inducted into Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

  • The New York Sun reports that a federal judge refused to allow the Washington Times’ William Gertz to be subpoenaed by defense attorneys in a case stemming from allegations of Chinese espionage at American defense contractors.

  • Cousin TVNewser reports that “Judy Woodruff is anchoring Election Night coverage next month… but not on CNN or PBS. She’ll be hosting the coverage on Bloomberg.”

  • According to an NBC release, “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” was the number one public affairs program in all categories with its fifth installment of the Senate Debate Series on Sunday October 15. “Meet” attracted 3.959 million total viewers, a 52% advantage over ABC “This Week’s” 2.609 million, a 54% lead over CBS “Face the Nation’s” 2.576 million, and 203% more than FOX “News Sunday’s” 1.305 million.

  • Congratulations to local gal Julie Denesha, who recently won a Boston University Fellowship, which she will use to study “the centuries-old difficulty of the Roma being accepted and justly treated in Europe as the European Union moves its boundary further eastward.”