Taking Out The Trash, 10.18.06

  • The laptop edges out the desktop as a writing tool, but is the real question Mac or PC? (we’d link to the ads, but our PC won’t let us).

  • Adam Kovacevich offers some additional thoughts on the WH’s new communications strategy.

  • After broadcasting only within the Gaza Strip, Hamas’s Al Aqsa television is now ready “to follow in Hezbollah’s footsteps.” The WSJ reports that this month it will begin satellite distribution via the Nilesat satellite.

  • Yes, Washington has a hockey team and DCist is looking for an eager beaver to cover our Capitals.

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  • TNR brings us part 2 of the Bob Woodward debate from David Greenberg. Miss part one? Check out what David Corn had to say.

  • Time decides it’s time to join the Internet party, but will the “better late than never” attiutude help them through the transition? Jon Friedman explores.

  • Bob Schieffer scares the bejesus out of Lansing.

  • According to an NPR release, despite the decline in commercial news-talk radio and other media, “NPR’s overall national audience is holding steady… As compared to the last two years (Spring 2004-Spring 2006), NPR programming has increased two percent in cume while commercial news-talk radio has decreased six percent.”

  • Extreme Mortman offers his own memories of Christopher Glenn.

  • Six weeks in and Katie Couric is a firm third place according to the NYT via TVNewser. According to Eat The Press, could this all be part of CBS’ elaborate plan?

  • John McCain joins Chris Matthews tonight live from Hardball from Iowa State University.