Taking Out The Trash, 10.06.06

  • Pens are at a premium in D.C.

  • Howard Kurtz on Hugh Hewittdismissed the notion that the Brian Ross e-mails were obtained illegally” and he “dismissed former Postie Thomas Edsall’s loquaciousness: ‘Edsall’s always been a candid guy. Maybe he’s a little more candid, now that he’s not on the Washington Post payroll.'”

  • Mark Halperin tried to convince the Gang of 500 that his book will give them the power to change the face of elections. Hmm… does it have other magical powers too?

  • Sidney Blumenthal will be at Politics and Prose tomorrow chatting about his book How Bush Rules. 6 p.m. on Saturday.

  • E&P reports that Washington Post editor Len Downie told the Online News Association conference today, “Everyone in our newsroom wants to be a blogger.” Also at the conference, Mark Cuban said newspapers should be more expensive.

  • Yes, Tony Snow is still hawking windows and siding in IA, DCTRV reports.