Taking Out The Trash, 09.25.06

  • Wow. Almost 1000 votes today. And the verdict looks to be that Bill Clinton was out of line.

  • To the tipster who wrote this…

      “WaPo: Grief in Private vs. ‘Just a Comma’; Who reports, decides.”

    …we have no idea what that means.

  • Time’s Michael Kinsley asks, “Do Newspapers Have a Future?”

    Lots more when you click below

  • Jonathan Last on the death of the old school anchor: “Talk of anchors conjures images of hardened heads of immaculate hair, of vanity so towering that it surpasses swagger and becomes righteousness. The pomposity of the anchor is incomprehensible to mere mortals. … There is no rising generation of young anchors. We don’t make them like that anymore.”

  • Is Tony Kornheiser’s “stardom” taking “a hit on his column?” Harry Jaffe seems to think so: “Rather than write about sports, Kornheiser writes about the personal traumas of a sportswriter who has turned into a TV star Tony’s World.”

  • Is the media industry experiencing a perfect storm?

  • Red State’s Pat Cleary devils into WaPo former Baghdad bureau chief Rajiv Chandrasekaran‘s recent WaPo piece.

  • The WaPo: The Anatomy of a Story

  • Eric Boehlert, formerly a senior writer for Salon, just joined Media Matters for America as senior fellow.

  • Boehlert critiques a Jennifer Senior’s NYT book review on Sidney Blumenthal’s “How Bush Rules.”

  • Laura Ingraham received a presidential invite to a “two-hour-plus bike ride atop the dusty trails of the Secret Service training facility in suburban Maryland.” Inside The Beltway reports that while it was all “OTR,” one cyclist said Bush “is a total maniac on the bike.”

  • This is going to come back and bite Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria in the ass.

  • The guessing game begins.

  • Clinton feedback fun from a readers:

      Wallace is a smirking, right-wing tool, as all at Fox. I’m glad Clinton took him down a peg. Good for him So much for “soft” Democrats. Fight back and be as dirty as they are.

      Bill clinton really frightens me. his temper is scary.

      Re Clinton. The last time we saw such faux indignation from this con man was when he pointed a finger and said “I didn’t have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, and now I have to go back and do my work for the American people”…He (Clinton) is the most transparently phony celebrity in the entire political world. In dfact he belongs out in Hollywood…con man 100%…he lobbed 24 Cruise missile into OBL’s camp to get Monica off the headline page into.

      I never voted for Clinton and this is why~what a LOSER!