Taking Out The Trash, 09.06.06

  • After a slow start, FNC jumps ahead of CNN and MSNBC as the fav for midterm coverage.

  • A reader notes, “Where’s Norah? Isn’t she the chief Washington Correspondent for MSNBC? Why is Campbell Brown the only female they’ve got doing this all-day election, when she does general NBC stories and Norah does politics for actual MSNBC all day long?” Good point. Anyone?

  • TVNewser gives us Katie‘s number. Some may say it’s Olympic.

  • WaPo’s Paul Fahri loved Katie, hated the show: “Yes, me. I thought she was attractive, sharp and (as always) likeable. The broadcast, on the other hand, was junky.”

  • This post is getting a lot of reader response. The latest: “Oy. Vey. Yes, the web site is the increasingly public face of the Washington Post — and has been for 10 years. If the site makes mistakes (and all sites do), then it’s more of a reason than ever for the hard-copy newsroom to get on board rather than whining about it. There are still sections of the newspaper that proudly refuse to deal with the web site. Short-sighted and silly. Aw, the poor sensitive journalists. Who are now being read by MILLIONS of people worldwide. Gosh, what a drag.”

  • George Stephanopoulos poses an interesting question: “Rumsfeld: Lightning Rod or Anchor?”

  • The collapse of news: A historical timeline courtesy of Wake-Up Call:

      — “Couric makes changes on ‘CBS News’ debut” (AP). “Couric offers solid debut” (USA Today). “Couric Wardrobe kept modest, desk futuristic” (Palm Beach Post).
      — According to Shales, Katie “oddly wore a white blazer” buttoned “in such a way as to make her look chubby, bursting at the button” (Washington Post). Shales also said Kurtz put him to sleep this morning (Extreme Mortman).
      — The CBS “Evening News” also featured Suri Cruise photos “and a vow that Wednesday would bring an interview with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt” (E! Online).
      — “Imagine in six months what ass we will be kicking” — CBS “Evening News” EP Rome Hartman (CBSNews.com).
      Dan Rather donated $2M to his alma mater, Sam Houston State Univ (AP).
      — “Don’t point your finger at me” — NBC’s David Gregory, being David Gregoryish (EditorandPublisher.com).
      — “I look like a tramp” — Meredith Vieira (Philadelphia Inquirer).