Taking Out The Trash, 08.30.06

  • Washington needs some desperate R&R this weekend with nearly everyone claiming to be “miserable and over-tired as usual.”

  • A reader writes in: “re ‘Misdirected anger’ post: And as for Style section reporters not ‘know[ing] how to write on deadline if their lives depended on it…’ — that report on the State Dept. IG’s investigation of Kenneth Tomlinson (which Farhi wrote for the Style section in Wednesday’s Post) was not released until late Tuesday afternoon. So Farhi definitely had to write that story on deadline.”

  • Are print pubs bitter that our cousin, TVNewser, scooped them?

  • The Wall Street Journal opines it’s time to “put the Plame conspiracy to its final rest. … Fess Up, Mr. Armitage.”

  • WaPo’s Peter Baker on the legacy of John Wilson: “If you want to see his impact, you need only look at newsrooms across the country where the young reporters and editors he hired and trained over the years have fanned out to many important positions shaping our collective enterprise.”

  • Media Ink reports that Newsweek “will shake up its top editorial ranks right after Labor Day.” According to sources, editor Mark Whitaker “will move upstairs and hand the reins to Jon Meacham, currently the managing editor.” It is unclear “what role Whitaker will play,” but he is “expected to stay with Newsweek.”

  • NPR is creating “a major digital music service to extend the significant role that public radio stations, networks and producers currently hold in music discovery and create a unified place to showcase all genres on present and future media platforms.” According to the release, the service will “roll out in the first half of 2007.”

  • Tucker Carlson on the Kyra Phillips flub:

      CARLSON: Excuse me. I can’t breathe from laughing. Breaking news over at CNN. Kyra Phillips’s brother is married to a woman who is a control freak.

      I’m sorry. I’m laughing, partly out of nervousness, because I, like everyone who works in television, knows it’s only a matter of time before this happens to me. But you’ve got to wonder right now what Kyra Phillips’ brother’s wife is doing.

      I bet she’s mad. Poor Kyra Phillips.

  • Gov. Blanco of Louisiana chokes while being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on Late Edition. Wolf keeps his cool. Of course he does. He’s Wolf Blitzer.”

  • Tomlinson Vigorously Defends BBG Actions