Taking Out The Trash, 08.23.06

  • Is Kornheiser-Gate on its way out?

  • Mum is the word on the Armitage-Woodward meeting. According to the Washington Post, both Richard Armitage and Bob Woodward offered no comment yesterday. Same for a spokesperson for Patrick Fitzgerald. The calendar also shows that Armitage met with Scooter Libby a week prior to Woodward. No comment from Libby.

  • The Sundance Channel premieres “The Hill” tonight, the first in a six part series taking an “inside look at the inner workings of American politics.”

  • Wonkette mocks the Washington Times and Tony Blankley here and here.

  • A reader thinks that they’ve spotted a conspiracy: “Re: Chuck Todd’s interview — how can Brokeback Mountain be on his TiVo when it hasn’t even aired on television yet? Did he grab it off Pay-Per-View? Or is he LYING?.”

    >UPDATE: Todd writes in to explain: “payperview via DirecTV…”

    And then all was right with the world.