Taking Out The Trash, 08.15.06

  • Seriously. We weren’t kidding when we said “not a week goes by…”


  • Zeitgeist or Washington Week? Video mashing Dana Milbank beats both.

  • The reviews are rolling in for Tony Kornheiser’s debut on Monday Night Football last night and according to Deadspin, he’s a hit (The Washington Post disagrees).

  • Columbus Dispatch’s Jack Torry uses his pool report to rub it in just a little bit: “At noon, the pool was escorted into what is called the Operations Center, a two-story structure that includes desks with large computer screens, electronic wall maps of the world, black screens with the current times (in red) of the major cities of the world…. For those who did not make the trip, you missed it: Great room for the press, plasma television, hot coffee, sweet rolls, and choice of sandwiches, soft drinks and water for lunch. Major upgrade from the trailer.”

  • Marc Ambinder says that George Allen has seriously angered the Washington Post.

  • Huffington Post “Eat The Press” editor Rachel Sklar talks to PR Week.

  • PBS takes heat for its connection to BP and other corporate sponsors. NewsHour Executive Producer Linda Winslow addressed the concern raised when the show reported on BP’s recent troubles: “It is true that the NewsHour accepts underwriting support from companies that are themselves in the news occasionally. We do so in accordance with the strict rules about corporate underwriting long ago established by PBS. For the record, never in our 30-plus year history has an underwriter ever asked us to shade our coverage of a news story they were involved in.”

  • Our cousin TVNewser keeps us updated on the FNCers kidnapped in Gaza. Ken Centanni, the brother of Steve Centanni, pled for his brother’s safe return on MSNBC this morning and told KCBS: “We’re very proud of the things he’s done but now we want him to quit.”

  • FNC network reps scheduled meetings with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

  • On GMA this morning, ABC correspondent Wilf Dinnick hinted that this kidnapping may be different, stating: “It is not clear who kidnapped them or what their demands are. In the past, kidnappings have gone on with western journalists in that area. Usually the captors demanding some sort of job or trying to make a political statement. But there are concerns this one may be a bit different, considering three Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped triggered this entire Middle East conflict. And there are concerns that these Fox News journalists could be held for a lot longer and that those demands may be much different than they have been in the past.”

  • New Zealand has sent diplomats to Jerusalem “to work with Palestinian and British authorities to secure the men’s release.”

  • TVNewser strikes again as CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein explains the new schedule: “What I discovered is that three hours is a long session to do by yourself when you’re doing a lot of breaking news. We refer to that unit of time now as one Blitzer of coverage. Wolf makes it look easy, but it’s not easy.” Hmmm… How many Blitzers are in a day?

  • Tucker Carlson comments on Fox referring to Bill O’Reilly interviewing Tony Snow an “exclusive”: “So ‘Fox News’ does an interview with one of its former employees whose job it is to talk to the press, and they call it an exclusive. When I become secretary of fun in the Tom Tancredo Administration and come back on MSNBC to do interviews on the ‘Willie Geist Show,’ we will have the self-discipline not to advertise it as an exclusive. We’ll be honest with you. That’s my promise.”

  • E&P reports newspapers are ramping up for what promises to be a “hot” election cycle.

  • Who says Tucker should have all the fun?

  • A new report based on ACLU analysis of 581 articles and editorials “shows that a large number of daily newspapers wildly exaggerated the number of volunteers who actually took part in the Minuteman Project.” According to the report, The Washington Times’ Jerry Seper was among the biggest offenders.

  • American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT) announced the formation of its two newest chapters: AWRT Atlanta and student chapter AWRT George Washington University. Chickie Bucco, president of AWRT and president, Katz Direct Marketing, said, “We are proud to announce the expansion of AWRT with these two robust chapters. They will strengthen AWRT in its mission to advance the impact of women in the electronic media and allied fields.”

  • The alliance between and Newstex and LexisNexis is well underway, making available full-text licensed blog posts. “Newstex automatically tags each blog post with company names, stock tickers, key executives and government officials, and detailed topical categories. … LexisNexis then takes these blogs and tags them with LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology by different indexing types: Industry, Subject, Geographic and Company.”