Taking Out The Trash, 08.14.06

  • From Mike Wallace’s recent interview, most of you learned that Wallace could make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look both humble and serious. However, “absolutely nothing” was a close second.

  • The Huffington Post reports that The Village Voice has recovered from it’s Wemple flirt and “has –finally! — named a new Editor-in-Chief: New York Sun TV columnist, Columbia Journalism School faculty member, media writer and author and Huffington Post contributor David Blum.” Blum: “I’m honored to lead an institution as vibrant and as essential to New York City life as the Voice. I want New Yorkers to read the Voice, and to be moved, entertained, amused, confronted and compelled by what it has to say.” Blum will take over on September 12.

  • The Express is turning three, and what better way to celebrate a toddler’s birthday than with some booze? Join Express’ editorial staff this Wednesday at The Reef, 5-10 p.m. for drink specials and prizes.

  • Ana Marie Cox, in her new Time feature — “Ana Log” — weighs in on Tucker’s dancing: “Maybe Tucker Carlson picked up more from his ’03 Britney Spears interview than how awesome the President is. The MSNBC host’s preppie elan will froth forth on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Don’t think of it as waltzing on the grave of journalism. Think of it as a step away from getting O’Reilly on Fear Factor.”

  • Howard Kurtz faced the third degree today in his WaPo chat.

      McLean, Va.: “Howard, Who told you that it was OK to take off a week from the column? I had no idea what to read on the Web site, I felt so lost.”

      Kurtz: “Sorry to upset you. You’ll have to struggle a little longer without me.”

      Buenos Aires, Argentina: “When are your ‘Media Notes’ coming back? I miss them. Thank you.”

      Kurtz: “I didn’t know my empire extended to Argentina. Couple more weeks and I’ll be back in action. Thanks.”

      Adrian, Mich.: “Glad to hear Media Notes soon will return. You have quite a large following out here in the Great Lakes State as well. Hope you’re enjoying some quality time off.”

      Kurtz: “I hope the good folks at washingtonpost.com are paying attention so they will give the column REALLY BIG headlines.”

    A couple of weeks?! What, do you write for The Note now?

  • At least the Wolf-Cafferty team is back together.

  • Wonkette takes a crack at the Zeitgeist and it is creepy accurate.

  • Kurtz, on Tony Snow criticizing Democrats for CT: “Snow’s remarks were plenty sharp — and I thought may have gone too far– but other White House spokesmen of both parties have made lots of partisan comments during election seasons. Such remarks have often come when the press secretaries are asked how they would respond to some charge or criticism from political figures in the opposition. Besides, the White House didn’t hire Tony Snow to head a polite debating society.”