Taking Out The Trash. 08.10.06

(Delayed from yesterday thanks to the Hotness)

  • Tucker Carlson chimes in on Alan Colmes’ comparison of Al Gore to Pat Robinson — and on Sean Hannity’s objection.

    CARLSON: “I see Hannity’s point. I see his desire to defend evangelicals, a group that takes a lot of crap unfairly from the mainstream media. And I think it’s fair to say that Al Gore is a religious zealot, because he is. On the other hand, just because Al Gore is a bad guy, just because evangelicals are unfairly attacked by the left, does not mean Pat Robertson isn’t crazy. He is.”

  • The Washington Examiner editorializes against the James S. Brady Briefing Room renovations, arguing that “we the people must not pay for renovations that make it easier for the government to evade questions and obscure the news of the day.”

  • Are wine drinkers prettier or are TV journos just more refined?

  • E&P reports that media lingo is unveiled in Richard Weiner’s new collection of media jargon, “The Skinny About Best Boys, Dollies, Green Rooms, Leads, and Other Media Lingo: The Language of the Media.” What’s next Weiner? Outing the secret handshake?

  • From today’s Reliable Source chat:

    Washington, D.C.: “I stood next to Helen Thomas yesterday for a few seconds at the fixin’s bar at Baja Fresh at 20th and I. Boy, is she small. She was putting extra toppings on her lunch. Not very exciting, but this is the best I can do.”

    Amy Argetsinger: “Hey, it is summer. We’ll cut you a break.”

  • The Washington Examiner’s Jim Williams reports that “MASN, CSN to battle for United’s TV rights.”

  • CJR’s Bree Nordenson holds David Brooks responsible for his “loose-lipped declaration” on Chris Matthews last weekend. Via Romenesko: “With a single sentence, Brooks transformed himself into a one-man wrecking ball for journalism’s credibility. One can only hope that the ratings for the Chris Matthews Show were low last weekend.”

  • From today’s briefing with Tony Snow, who is apparently one of the few people in DC not on vacation:

    SNOW: He also had briefings from the National Security Advisor and the Homeland Security Advisor. And I believe they’re working on a dock today. There will also be other adventures in the afternoon.

    Q: They’re working on a dock?

    SNOW: They’re working on a dock.

    Q They have a lake?

    SNOW: I believe that there is no waterway directly to the ocean, so I think a lake or a pond would be a more likely option. (Laughter.)