Taking Out The Trash, 07.25.06


(Props to one of our guest contributors for the artwork)


  • James Wolcott has issues with Tucker Carlson’s wardrobe: “Compared to the more somber Rugged Foreign Correspondent gear Anderson Cooper has been sporting, Tucker’s clothing selection struck me a distinct fashion mistake.” Would we take Tucker more seriously in more manly garb?

  • Michael Steele confirms that he was Deep Milbanked.

  • Hey, Mr. “Smokeshow” : Resend your nomination. We never got it.

  • Although we’ll never tell you, we’d still love to hear who you think wrote in with this:

      me? me? me?! have i been nominated?! have i? tell your girlfriend to nominate me! no, not good. ok, just make it up. say that hundreds have nominated me! i dont care if you say hundreds of MEN! say anything!

  • DCeiver breaks down The Hill’s Top 50 List.

  • TNR: “NPR can’t get enough of Rami Khouri, who can’t get enough of bashing Israel.”

  • Note to PR reps: Don’t forget to send your press releases to Tivos everywhere, too…

  • Ah…you washingtonpost.com discussion hosts are so polite.

  • AMC buzzes on our favorite topic: “skinterns.”

  • Jay Rosen is at it again.

  • Somebody stop her before she works even harder: Rachel Sklar is now video blogging. (And don’t you get her started on Mr. Farhi…)

  • “The New $300 million TV content control campaign being briefed before the Senate Commerce Committee this week will be tagged to a Website, www.thetvboss.org.”

  • Stop the presses! None of John Dickerson’s questions were answered (or asked) at today’s press conference with Bush and Maliki.

  • “Losing your virginity” is so much more fun than being a “wing woman.”

  • Tony Snow talks to the Baltimore Sun.

  • Michael Abramowitz absolves Snow for calling stem cell research murder: “When one steps up in front of that mike every day for weeks on end, there are going to inevitably be mistakes and flubs and misstatements.”

  • During his chat Paul Fahri solicited comments about WTWP:

      Washington, D.C.: Paul: I have enough news now between the newspaper and on-line updates. An epiphany. If I just drop my subscription, I can then get my news from WTWP and online without spending any money. Wow. If enough people follow my example, ratings should surge.

      Paul Farhi: Great idea! I’ll tell management to push its top-secret drop-your-subscription-now promotion. Brilliant!

  • From one of FishbowlDC’s guest contributors:

      Fans of Gene Weingarten’s Tuesday WashPo chat probably saw this on last week’s transcript: “NO CHAT NEXT WEEK. It’s not my fault. A shortage of producers. Sorry.” So no new poll question, no Comic Pick of the Week, no free medical advice. His regular producer, Liz Kelly of the Post’s Celebritology blog is on vacation. Is this like a pitcher with a favorite catcher? Because it seems a little odd that the Web site is so short-handed that one of its most popular writers has to hit the showers when his producer is unavailable. Especially since, on that same day, washingtonpost.com has enough producers for the Lean Plate Club, Garden Plot, Book World and, ahem, Jewel.