Taking Out The Trash, 07.20.06

  • The Washington Blade reports that “transgender activists are alleging that media reports that circulated widely this year about a man using Hurricane Katrina relief funds to pay for a sex-change operation were a hoax perpetrated by conservatives looking to divert attention from the Bush administration’s handling of the hurricane recovery effort.” A review of the 30-page GAO report indicates no mention of anyone using FEMA funds for a sex change.

  • This just goes to show you, there really are two sides to every story — at least.

  • Oh the hilarity that is the WH press briefing:

    Q Is there a reason why he’s not having photographers in, at least?

    MR. SNOW: Because he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate. He’s signing a veto.

    Q Is that true of all vetoes? I mean, he’s never vetoed anything.

    MR. SNOW: Well, then I guess we don’t have a precedent, do we? (Laughter.)

  • The Penn State Faculty/Staff Club Forum Lunch speaker series announced the new line-up today. Among the selections: Joe Wilson (sorry Val), NPR’s Frank Deford and USAToday’s DeWayne Wickham.

  • David Bauder looks at the struggles of cable news networks on sending reporters into the hot zone.

  • We can always count on Wonkette to sniff out porn at 20 paces. The Washington Post corrected its snafu on today’s evacuation story. Instead of directing concerned Americans to 1-888-407-4747, they directed readers to 1-800-407-4747.

  • Sorry comma. You’re overserved.

  • Washington says goodbye to local journo Bob Wooldridge who died July 15 from injuries suffered in an accident.

  • ReadExpress’s blogger-in-chief Michael Grass, the ex-Roll Caller who co-founded DCist.com, is celebrating his birthday on Saturday and is doing so by riding the No. 90 Metrobus across town.

  • And PBS is taking themselves way too seriously. “Frontline” executive editor Louis Wiley Jr. is concerned with the backlash from pixelating lips if it is apparent to the viewer that the word is inappropriate: “If public broadcasting begins to pixelate lips, such scenes would become excellent fodder for Leno, Letterman, Stewart and others — and for some viewers, the sight is bound to introduce humor in scenes where that is entirely inappropriate and distracting.”