Taking Out The Trash, 07.12.06

  • The Huffington Post takes a dig at Jonah Goldberg’s brief post on the Corner yesterday, which fueled the Castro death rumors.

  • Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal.com columnist John Fund was in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday as the civil case between him and his ex-girlfriend, Morgan Pillsbury, got underway. According to the Daily Dish, Fund is accused of battering Pillsbury and he in turn accused Pillsbury of “stealing checks” and purchasing $38K with his credit card. Pillsbury is seeking $515,000 in damages as well as “labor costs” for cleaning his apartment of “larvae” and “mouse droppings.” No comment from the Journal.

  • Be afraid CQ, be very afraid. (Although one CQer writes in to say, “CQ would win because its staff would make sure they knew the alley thoroughly, including the placement of trash cans and lids (potential weapons), number of varmint nests (scare factor) and the addresses of local thugs who could help out.”)

  • Not something you see everyday. In today‘s Washington Times’ Corrections: “Because of an editing error, The Washington Times on Monday incorrectly reported the sexual orientation of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Mr. Newsom is heterosexual.”

  • D.C. Council Chair Linda Cropp cut short a breakfast meeting yesterday when she discovered a Washington Times reporter was recording the proceedings. According to the Washington Times, when the reporter cited the council’s rules allowing the breakfast to be public record, Cropp said, “OK, meeting over.” Geez — how can anyone who is running for mayor be this sensitive?

  • The official word on Skins radio, complete with cool graphic.

  • Another set of names can be added to list of those enraged about the banking story — the staff of the Wall Street Journal news staff. According to Off The Record, when editorial-page editor Paul Gigot addressed the decision to run the banking story in a June 30 editorial, he did so without consulting with the news staff on the other side of the proverbial. Instead Gigot checked with the Treasury and all the while managing editor Paul Steiger is staying mum. What the Journal news staff is looking for is Steiger “to reject the editorial page’s endorsement.” They may be waiting a while.