Taking Out The Trash, 07.07.06

  • WH Press Corps: What do you think of the fact that Bush is holding press conferences outside of DC? Is he favoring local reporters over you national fellas?

  • The Washington Post reports Ralph Ginzburg, “a self-promoting, self-described ‘brandied fruitcake of a publisher'” died July 6 at the Mollie and Jack Zicklin Jewish Hospice Residence in the Bronx, N.Y. He was 76 and suffered from multiple myeloma.

  • Eric Boehlert is in a huff and thinks Terry Moran owes him an apology. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Moran “ridiculed” Boehlert’s thesis that the White House had declared war on the press.

  • For those who can’t wait for Monday morning for your next dose of Mark Halperin and his crew, it’s your lucky day. Beginning tomorrow, The Note becomes a 7 day-a-week operation. Retinas everywhere shudder.

  • Take a look at a good faith effort to get to know Wonkette editor Alex Pareene — “a regular kid from Minneapolis.” Yes, if regular means you have an interest in “Prairie fires, shoe repair, Parliamentary procedure.” He does–like us–love karaoke, however, so we’re on the fence.

  • It’s still early, but Wolf is holding down Tucker in this cage match.

  • Cincinnati Gentlemen touts an interview with Tony Snow in its July edition with the cover line, “From Cincinnati to ‘1600.’” The headline goes on to say, “He Speaks For The White House; He Talks With Us.” But as the WaPo points out, he gave the interview before leaving Fox News.

  • The American Society of Business Publications'(ASBPE) announced the 20 finalists up for the ASBPE Magazine of the Year honors.