Taking Out The Trash, 06.30.06

  • How did Terry Moran‘s Nightline crew manage to get the live Guantanamo Bay reaction to yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling? According to TVNewser, dumb luck.

  • Boss giving you a hard time about working Monday? Well then show the higher-ups this.

  • The word is in — Al Jazeera International will launch in November. No, really.

  • No more late nights for Tucker Carlson. TVNewser tells us that starting July 10, Carlson is taking Dan Abrams‘ place at 4 and 6pm on MSNBC. To recap — yes, The Situation will go head-to-head with The Situation Room.

  • MR. SNOW: Questions?

    Q: How long have you owned those sunglasses?

    MR. SNOW: I borrowed them from Deckard. I’m not going to spend money on them, but I’ll gladly wear them for this flight.

  • An unconventional publication uses unconventional means. Street Sense uses undercover homeless reporters to break a story on labor issues.

  • Will Campari win?