Taking Out The Trash, 06.19.06

  • DCStyleMag.com launched a new feature today that delivers music info to readers’ computers, cells or berrys. Sound Check includes concert updates, previews and promises to to give “D.C.’s toe-tapping, head-bobbing, hip-swinging crowd an insider’s look into Washington’s music scene.” No, we are not making that up.

  • Trying to woo a younger demographic, CNN will unveil The Grist tomorrow, as one of six new video podcasts. The Grist is a “Daily Show-esque satire that focuses on weird and wacky video clips,” something that is sure to win over those crazy kids.

  • BlogPAC went through a changing of the guard earlier this month, as Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas turned the keys over to MyDD’s Chris Bowers and Matt Stoller. Oh the fun they will have.

  • Words of wisdom from the AltWeekly Convention comes from none other than Bill Clinton: “The greatest thing about not being president anymore is I can say whatever the hell I please.” Thanks Last Call. No word if Erik Wemple was overheard muttering, “The best thing about leaving a job is coming right back to it.”