Taking Out The Trash, 06.12.06

  • Ron Fournier began his new gig today…still at an undisclosed location (er, “Internet startup”)

  • “The Washington Post led all U.S. newspapers with 132 front-page articles on Iraq in the first five months of this year.”

  • Deb Howell’s weekly ombudsman column on “Pieces That Pushed Readers’ Buttons.”

  • National Press Club Honors announced.

  • Writing in the Post, Robert Kaiser asks, “Why does The Washington Post willingly publish ‘classified’ information affecting national security?”

  • Local Emmy winners announced.

  • Former Fishbowl’er Garrett Graff explains the Circle of Media Life, as witnessed at the YearlyKos convention (via Hotline):

      The weekend was filled with brain-bending moments, especially as the national media-more than 120 reporters credentialed for the event-ran up against the netroots media. At one point, Washington Post political reporter Dan Balz was photographing a blogger camera crew videotaping Chicago Tribune political reporter Jeff Zeleny interviewing Markos.

  • Franklin Foer and friends are going to blog…the World Cup.

  • Check out the Sunday Post Magazine interview with George Stephanopolous. (But Howard Mortman reads it and says “I still don’t have the foggiest idea what it’s like to prepare for ABC’s ‘This Week.'”)

  • The Post’s Hamil Harris prayed for Marion Barry.

  • Re: Dan Abrams move away from the anchor desk and to general manager, Washingtonians should ask this: Given Abrams lack of experience covering politics, does this strengthen MSNBC’s political coverage? Or weaken it?

  • What are the bullshit media jobs?