Taking Out The Trash, 05.25.06

FishbowlDC-Will-Never-Be-A-Member-of-the-Soul-Patrol Edition.

  • You know you’re screwed when…”Buffett: Newspapers are in Permanent Decline.”

  • More quotation citations from the incomparable Hotline crew:

      -“‘Suiciders’? Is that a real word?” — Houston Chronicle’s Julie Mason, on Bush’s use of “suiciders.

      “Oh, Lou, don’t get me into situations like this” — WH press sec Tony Show, trying to “Oh, Lou” his way out (CNN).

  • Darn transcripts just don’t capture the magic. Remember when we told you about Chris Matthews screeching like a monkey on Sunday’s “The Chris Matthews Show”? Well, we couldn’t find video or audio, but the transcript will have to suffice:

      MATTHEWS: A group of scientists have proven again that breaking up is hard to do. They’re talking about us and the chimpanzees, both evolved from the same family but split up seven million years ago. By comparing our genetic makeups, ours and the chimpanzees, scientists now think we got back together about five million years ago. (He makes chimpanzee noises)

  • Bob Schieffer can think/type at a rate of 1.3 words a minute.

  • Murray Waas: Novak assured Rove, “I’d tumble for you.

  • Why are we not surprised that television networks are still one day behind major shoe companies when it comes to partnering with iTunes?

  • The American Prosect: Manly.

  • “Nightline” will “honor the fallen, those currently serving and those who have served in Iraq and Afghanista in a special Memorial Day broadcast, Monday) (release)

  • Does Wolf’s “Situation Room” have Fox’s John Gibson on the run?

  • And have you ever wondered what a news-less day would look like?


      James S. Brady Briefing Room
      12:31 P.M. EDT

      MR. SNOW: All right, nothing new. No announcements. Let’s go to questions. Jennifer.