Taking Out The Trash, 05.24.06

Finally, here’s why they call him “Wolf”:

  • “I keep a lot of frozen meat, but no hard, cold cash” — Wolf Blitzer, on what’s in his freezer (Hotline)

    Some more gems from around the way:

  • “I don’t think my dad ever hit me” — Wolf Blitzer, “Larry King Live”, (Hotline)

  • “My guess is that the entire media survive on pizza … not just those of us who work at FOX News Channel” — Greta Van Susteren, guessing (Hotline)

  • The New York Times obit of Lloyd Bentsen was written by the late David Rosenbaum.

  • Art Buchwald says “Heaven Can Wait.”

  • NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin takes a look at NPR’s coverage of the latest domestic eavesdropping story.

  • What the heck happened to The Common Denominator’s website?

  • Seems like there was one of these just the other day…Another Tim Russert book tour.

  • The American Prospect launches, “The Horse’s Mouth,” a blog “about the reporting of politics — and the politics of reporting.”

  • Howard Mortman wonders about this line from Post business columnist Jerry Knight’s column: “Obsolescence might threaten The Washington Post Co. and Gannett Co. News will be around for the next century, but paper?”

    Of course, the reason Knight can make such statements is because, well, he’s leaving the paper.

  • And to the tipster asking us, “Have you seen those ads berating the Washington Post?” … the answer is no. Lead this horse to water…