Taking Out The Trash, 03.06.07

  • Working in jammies is oh so very appealing.

  • More reporters embrace an advocacy role

  • An NBC release announced that Alexandra Wallace has been named executive producer of “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” making Wallace the first woman to lead a weeknight network evening newscast in a decade. She will continue to serve as NBC News Vice President.

  • Cousin TVNewser reports that CNN & MSNBC are covering the Walter Reed story “more than twice as much as FNC.”

  • Katie Smith, formerly the Production/Copy Editor at Roll Call, has been promoted to Copy Chief.

  • PC World has The 50 Most Important People on the Web. “Despite what Time magazine would have you believe, you are not the most powerful or influential person on the Web.”

  • TNR’s Jonathan Chait questions the placement of this Washington Post story. Front page material?

  • Modern Luxury is hiring a senior editor for DC Magazine.

  • David Greenberg has the “Trial and Error” of the Scooter Libby trial.

  • Check out the new blog, Front Lines, written by Marshall Young, who is a private security contractor based in an undisclosed location in Iraq, well outside the Green Zone.

  • Conde Nast Media Group came another step closer to launching Conde Nast Portfolio, by signing a multiplatform communications program with CIT called Behind the Business, which will deliver profiles on business luminaries in Wired, Conde Nast Portfolio, Golf Digest and The New Yorker. Webcasts featuring the live interviews will be available on CIT’s Web site, beginning April 9, 2007 and thereafter on demand.

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Politico is now using stories from the Des Moines Register, The State and the Las Vegas Sun?

  • And why have no Politico’rs appeared on “Face the Nation” since February 9? Is that relationship over?

    >UPDATE: DCRTV has a theory:

      Perhaps it’s because the Politico’s owner, Allbritton, which also owns DC’s ABC affiliate WJLA, has moved ABC’s “This Week” from 9 AM to 10 AM, to directly compete with CBS’s rival “Face” on WUSA…..

    >UPDATE: The relationship may not be as split as we thought: A reader writes in to point out that Josephine Hearn was on “Face” February 18.

  • PR Week has an interview with Politico.com Editor in Chief John Harris.