Taking Out The Trash 02.22.06

Your leftovers for the day:

  • Are television news shows filled with a bunch of Fembots? Jack Shafer says so, and he’s rarely wrong.

  • “The meaningless transparency of the public editor column.” (TNR) (And “meet” the NYTimes new Public Editor, Ali bin-Zabar)

  • A day after Peter Jennings Way, the new Peter Jennings Institute for Journalists and the Constitution.

  • File this under things we wished we’d never read in the Hotline: “As I curled up against my husband, I had one last thought: He could have had Pamela Anderson, but he chose me.” — George Stephanopoulos‘ wife Ali Wentworth in the new Capitol File.

  • The nonprofit journalism leader Center for Public Integrity is having trouble.

  • Also, and this will come as a shock to many Hill reporters, congressional flacks evidently sometimes attempt to deflect bad stories.