Taking Out The Trash, 02.12.07

  • The AP reports that Myrtle Sue Snyder Barnes, “a pioneering Virginia journalist and former managing editor of the Daily Press of Newport News and its defunct afternoon edition, died Thursday. She was 73.” (Hat Tip: E&P)

  • Think Progress complied a coverage comparison following the death of Anna Nicole Smith. It discovered that on the day of her death, “NBC’s Nightly News devoted 14 seconds to Iraq compared to 3 minutes and 13 seconds to Anna Nicole. CNN referenced Anna Nicole 522% more frequently than it did Iraq. MSNBC was even worse — 708% more references to Anna Nicole than Iraq.”

  • GMU professor Steve Klein calls the Washington Post’s OnBeing, “a great example of what multimedia journalism is all about.”

  • New hire at The Washington Times metro desk: Kristen Chick.

  • Also, Danny Selnick has joined Business Wire as vice president, public policy services.

  • From a Fox News tipster: “We’re going to miss Megyn! She is, as you said, a “hot one” but she was also very sweet, and a good journalist! loss for the D.C. Bureau :(“